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We are Connect Marketplace

We established an incredible eCommerce platform that is tailored to the needs of manufacturers and distributors while also generating efficient networking. From designing the foundation of our software to developing all of the modules that will increase your sales, we are continually striving to generate the best and shortest path to your prospective customers. We challenge ourselves to push this technology as far as possible in order to make you a proud member of Connect Marketplace. Welcome to the family!

The most efficiant eCommerce

Forging the future of online sales
Connect Marketplace was founded in 2023 out of a desire for creativity in digital marketing and extensive experience in eCommerce
Today, we are a rapidly growing organisation with offices on three continents and nine countries, covering the US, Europe, and Chinese markets with a team of over 60 professionals.
Our greatest investment thus far has been in our primary infrastructure, which includes a powerful server structure and a full team of experienced developers. They are the most essential members of our team, developing an excellent architecture that allows for a quick launch of stores on a single platform.
In addition to the over 80 current modules, we are looking to release over 200 new modules and other AI-powered features for faster content production, more effective marketing, and better-driven sales, all of which will be handled by our primary development team.

It's the Passion that drives us to success

Continuous progress and improvement
The perfection that we strive in our eCommerce business is something that never puts us at peace. We are constantly looking to push the limits and make our technology even more sophisticated.
Our system already has over 80 modules that are added to the basic structure. Add-ons are designed to simplify and improve specific sales and marketing processes.
We are looking to add over 200 additional modules to our system, and we send out a development and upgrade plan to our vendors each year. The development priorities are always decided upon in consultation with our vendors and partners.
These enhancements are not subject to any additional charges or expenses. They were completed by ourselves as part of the performance-based commission.

Creating one great network of experts

Our vision
Our main goal was to create a perfect network of manufacturers and make it as easy as possible for them to enter new markets by quickly connecting with distributors.
We created the best networking platform for connecting customers to distributors and distributors to manufacturers in the most efficient way. This fairly straight line from factory to client not only simplifies the sales process, but it also reduces distribution expenses by eliminating unnecessary value additions and other fees.
We employ outstanding marketing with qualified experts in four major categories. SEO marketing, social media marketing, and content production in design, copywriting, photography, videography, and animation.
Using our own marketing and channelling customers to the nearest distributors, as well as putting manufacturers in charge of the entire process, is not the only thing our partners appreciate; they also appreciate the fact that everything is done on a performance-based commission, which they can value.

We apply technology that boost sales

Proper technology for the proper objective
Most platforms nowadays focus on the visual aspect of web stores, using outdated technology that slow down your webstores and reduce visibility on search engines. We are more focused on technologies that bring the efficiency while keeping our visual creativity.
Our system makes use of innovative technology and robust server architecture to run all of our vendor stores from a single platform. However, this is exactly what gives our system an advantage. The beauty of our system happens in the backend, and it is specifically our technology that has allowed us to build such an efficient network that integrates all of that data into logical information that can be used to enhance sales.
The system is always evolving and gains knowledge in proportion to the number of new customers and merchants who register and exchange information on our platform. It learns the customer's preferences and tailors the offerings to them.
But it can only do so because we use that technology to create instances of webstores rather than standalone stores, and as the system grows, it becomes more efficient towards newcomers, because it has such a good understanding of how to direct your product and marketing that, when combined with our sales and creative departments, it produces fast and good sales results.
George Klidas CEO Connect Marketplace
Efficiency above all
Our primary goal was to leverage our extensive selling skills, specifically our expertise in online sales, to great effect. We have witnessed firsthand that merely having a web store or website is insufficient when efficient distribution is a necessity. In today's world, information reigns supreme as the most valuable asset, and we have meticulously crafted a system to guarantee the swift circulation and delivery of information to its intended recipients.
George Klidas / CEO
Connect Marketplace LLC

The experience has brought us here

The journey that developed Connect Marketplace
Starting as a project-based company creating eCommerce as stand-alone stores, we rapidly realised how much coding and particularly, how much maintenance consume client resources, and the worst thing was that we had to do it all over again for each client. We needed a better strategy.
Working as a project-based company provided us with valuable experience and a better understanding of the processes that many businesses go through when deciding to enter the online sales field. That experience enabled us to change our system to be more robust and modular in order to respond to those needs in the most flexible way possible.
Now, while this may sound simple, meeting the needs of numerous clients from various industries is not an easy process. We have worked hard for a long time and are constantly adapting to the tasks that have been set before us.
But, bit by bit and client by client, we've grown into a fully operating system capable of hosting several vendors' stores under their own domains on a single server and framework.

We've become a fast growing eCommerce platform

The new standard in eCommerce
More and more clients understand the benefits of performance-based business model, which minimise risks and maximise profits.
Everyone loves the performance-based business model since it involves no capital and has no risks. Our clients enjoy working with us because we are a lighter version of entering high-level marketing, and because we take that risk on ourselves, it is easier to trust us. We must know what we are doing. Otherwise, it is our loss.
Most marketing agencies would put an initial value on the table for a campaign, giving you all plausible arguments, but accepting no responsibility if it does not happen, which has been a source of frustration for most business owners for quite some time. Marketing should not be considered an expenditure, but rather an investment that generates income.
However, excellent marketing is a very complex system that requires several aspects. That's why we took this approach not to be just a developer company, or a marketing agency, or content creators, but rather to take a holistic approach and cover all of these segments and make them work together.

It's where you're going that counts

The future of Connect Marketplace
We have a very ambitious plan to connect the entire world of manufacturers, traders, marketing and online sales specialists to a massive, efficient, and most importantly, meticulously organised network of product and consumer data, making production and distribution a well-known effortless path.
Our objective for the next three years is to cover the global market while continuing to enhance the platform. Subscribe to our newsletter, and we'll keep you updated on all of our small and large steps.
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