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Allow yourself a few minutes to become acquainted with our technologies. Now, we say marketplace because that is what it is at its core, but it is also a MULTI STORE concept, where any distributor, merchant, or manufacturer may build a shop on our platform and run it as if it were his own under his domain. (www.mycompany.com).
The magic word now is our Digital Catalog, where you enter your product once and make it available to our many channels and distributors. If you are a manufacturer, this system will work wonders for you, and if you are a distributor, this system will make your life much easier.
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Every industry in our system has a great collection of tools for eCommerce sales. Our system is divided into 12 major industrial segments, from which our development and marketing tools are directed. Check out how we can help you develop your business and achieve the greatest sales results.
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If you believe you do not fall into any of these categories, please contact our sales team, who will learn about your company and requirements and provide you with the best possible option for your business. Our sales team consists of highly skilled eCommerce and digital marketing professionals.