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If you are a contractor, freelance designer, or real estate agent, you can open your profile page associated to one of our themed marketplace platforms and products within, but most likely to your parent company. Our technology connects your service to our offer, bringing you more customers.
Nr. of services 20
Revenue up to Unlimited
 Vendor Store No
Custom Store design No
Admin mobile app No
Delivery mobile app No
Marketplace mobile app No
sales commision
$ 349.-
This plan is designed for businesses who primarily provide a service rather than a product. It is ideal for marketing, real estate, design, and construction companies, that can relate their service to one or many products on our system. With this plan you can create a professional company website.
Nr. of serivces Unlimited
Revenue up to Unlimited
 Vendor Store Yes
Custom Store design No / Optional
Admin mobile app Yes
Delivery mobile app No
Marketplace mobile app No
sales commision
$ 249.-
This plan will give you a fully branded eCommerce site at www.mycompanydomain.com. Our designers will work with you to create a modern and comprehensive design that meets the requirements of your brand. Your products are also present on theme marketplace storefronts.
Nr. of products 200
Ravenue up to $ 150.000,-
Vendor Store Yes
Custom Store design Yes
Admin mobile app No
Delivery mobile app No
Marketplace mobile app No
sales commision
$ 2499.-
Our ultimate plan is our ultimate sales experience for vendors. All of the benefits of the Advanced plan, plus extra visibility on our Connect Marketplace mobile app, Vendor Admin app for tracking orders and products, and Delivery app for tracking deliveries. Complete control of your business.
Nr. of products Unlimited
Ravenue up to Unlimited
 Vendor Store Yes
Custom Store design Yes
Admin mobile app Yes
Delivery mobile app Yes
Marketplace mobile app Yes
sales commision
$ 4499.-
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Product Reviews with images        
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User groups        
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