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Connect Marketplace USA - Digital Catalog

Manufacturers, brand owners, and suppliers who use our B2B platform can create a fully digital catalogue of their products, complete with product images, videos, descriptions, features, shipping packages, and more. After creating the catalogue, any distributor can include it in their offer with a single click. The vendor only needs to set prices, quantities, and shipping costs.
An internal marketplace for vendors, but also a support tool for partners
When a company enters a new market, we can connect them with every distributor with whom they can work. Good market support is crucial. Our task is to find the right people for the job.

We created this concept to give businesses the ability to enter new markets quickly and efficiently. Once your products are established in our internal marketplace, they are visible to all distributors, who can easily learn about all of your products by browsing your catalog. If they are interested in distributing your products, they will contact you in due course.
Furthermore, we offer the option of a service that will connect you with a larger number of distributors, making the entire process run more smoothly.
The elimination of local representatives reduces distribution costs, and our system is far more efficient than a single employee.
Catalogue owners have the option to dispute or approve the listing.
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