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Connect Payment - Introducing the most secure payment solution on the market

A fantastic merger occurred between the companies World XChange and Connect Marketplace, where mutual interests in building a payment system that is as safe and secure as possible were discovered. This collaboration is largely directed at eCommerce solutions, primarily for future and present Connect Marketplace platform customers and vendors, which will enable the acceptance of credit and debit card payments without requiring merchants to install anything.

The major guiding principle for us was user safety and simplicity of use. This system will be available to all of our platform users automatically.

Connect Payment System

Connect Marketplace LLC made this decision to make it easy for all future consumers to shop and sellers to construct their websites. Adding a payment processing system has traditionally prolonged the process of setting up a vendor's own shop, but with this solution, Connect Marketplace will speed up the activation and establishment of an advanced store for merchants even more.

Our colleague, external associate, and specialist in eCommerce solutions Mr. Arthur Stameris, connected these accounts. Arthur opened up the entire opus of options that will gradually be realized in the very near future and was the mastermind of this operation. We just spoke to Arthur and asked him what the plan is for further development:

"Our mission is to make the activation of the Connect Payment system as simple as possible. As we begin (As we close in on first base), we will consider additional development and integration of earlier World XChange services as well as a cash back system, QR-Code purchases, and Connect Payment Card. Other considerations include Gift Cards¸integrations with POS devices and entrance into the retail and hospitality market. Many opportunities will arise and we will ensure that our current and future merchants have the most current and cutting edge solutions for running their businesses successfully." - Arthur Stameris



Mr. Greg Meyers, CTO of World XChange, claims that their payment technology offers the most secure payment processing available today. "For over 15 years, our company has been combating credit and debit card fraud and abuse, and we have built a system that is primarily focused on security. Our goal was to keep the risk as low as possible," explains Greg Meyers from World XChange.

Mr. Benjamin Cvetkovich, the project's mastermind, is confident that with Connect Marketplace's marketing and sales assistance, Connect Payment will become one of the world's most popular payment systems. Mr. Cvetkovich's major objective is to expand this payment option to other continents, and preparations for the European Union and international partner banks have already begun.

"One of the advantages of integrating our payment system is that our suppliers will receive their funds promptly, after deducting our sales commission. At Connect Marketplace, we firmly believe in the utmost importance of ensuring a smooth and transparent flow of funds" as emphasized by George Klidas, the CEO of Connect Marketplace.

We are all looking forward to future growth and additional services. So follow us on social media or here to remain up to date on our projects.


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Dear Ned,
Connect Payment may be added to a Connect Marketplace Vendor account via the Administrative panel. If you are not a Connect Marketplace user, you may create an account at www.connect-payment.com. For those who plan to step on Connect Marketplace, when you register on Connect Marketplace, you will be presented with a form to activate your account.

Please let us know if you require any assistance.
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